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In 2003, I started to teach Pilates in a Rehabilitation center for post stroke victims and Parkinson patients. Along the years, I was lucky to work in multiple rehabilitation centers and had a chance to work with variety of disabled population, such as stroke victims, cerebral palsy, Parkinson, sclerosis, autism, post spine surgery, head injuries and more. In 2008, I purse my master’s degree from Indiana University majoring in Adapted Physical Education. Although the busy schedule and the cold weather, I was fortunate to keep doing what I like the most – teaching Pilates. Two years later, moving to the lone star state and I had the opportunity to take my teaching skills to the next level (everything is bigger in Texas, right?). In a relative short time, I was able to reach to the higher level of Peak Pilates instructor. These certifications enlarge my tool box such as Bar, Pilates ball, Prenatal and Postpartum, chair, Reformer, Tower, Ladder Barrel, Spine corrector, Foot corrector, Ped-o-Pull & Cadillac.

In 2018 and with two decades of experience in teaching Pilates for patients, pre- and post-partum females, and athletes, I decide to open my own studio and offer a unique subset of my skills. With a broad clinical and academic background, I am highly appreciate the human posture and always trying to improve global alignment and improve balance while emphasizing core, strength and length activity.



General Manager of Rotem's Pilates studio. Christopher started to teach Pilates in 2013. He leads and managed several Pilates clubs with a lot of successes. Christopher used to be a professional dancer and several injuries cut his career early than planned. Christopher understands the need for a strong core and peaceful mind and fall in love with Pilates.


Mehtap took her first Pilates class eight years ago and was amazed to see how her body changed over time and how stronger she got. Mehtap wants to share the experience and obtained her certification in classical Pilates. Mehtap is a strong believer of Joe Pilates’ philosophy of ‘Contrology’ and it’s application to mind, body, and soul. The best quote that would define Mehtap’s life motto is Albert Einstein’s ‘Insanity: “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. We need to push our limits to make a difference or change things and that’s why Mehtap is working at Rotem’s Pilates. 


Katie graduated with a degree in Psychology from Baylor University in 1997. In 2006 she received her Masters in Education. She worked 20 years in education first as a teacher and then as an Educational Diagnostician. Katie discovered her love of Pilates 3 years ago with her first class at Rotem’s Pilates. During that time she has seen much improvement in her strength and flexibility. She is excited to share her love of Pilates with others and believes that Pilates can help everyone develop a healthy mind and body.  Katie is Peak Pilates certified.  


Dganit graduated with a degree in Management and Computer Science. After becoming a mom she decided to change direction and worked as a baby development and child movement instructor. Having knee problems Dganit looked for a way to workout safely and to get stronger - Pilates was the answer.

She fell in love with Pilates and wants to share this love with you. Dganit is Peak Pilates certified.